Solar and Safety Film

Glass film

Glass is often the weak point of a building and can be attacked by Vandals, Burglars, Terrorists or simply stormy weather. Partition Graphics range of safety & security window films are designed and tested to British Standard BS6206, class A,B & C. If the glass is coated with one of our range of safety & security films and is subjected to an explosion, violent attack or accidental impact the glass might crack or even shatter but will remain within the film coating.

How safe is your glass? Existing glass is your premises or home may not have been made to existing building regulations – i.e. it may not be safety glass. Anyone running a business needs to be aware of regulations governing glazing safety. This applies to all kinds of businesses from shops to childminders’ homes. To comply with Health & Safety Executive recommendations, glass in certain locations must be made impact safe. Glass in these areas must protect against injury from broken glass. Safety window film (glass safety film) is a cost-effective way of upgrading existing glazing to HSE requirements.

Solar Glass Film

Heat reflective Window Films can be used to control heat and glare. Solar Control Window Films are designed to reduce solar heat and glare through glass, into for example, work spaces, conservatories, classrooms and offices. 

  • Solar film reduces the heat and glare from the sun’s rays whilst retaining the light some of the benefits are listed below.
  • Increases comfort levels – reduces eye strain
  • Reduces Solar heat gain – saves energy usage (air conditioning)
  • Protects furniture against fading – blocks harmful UV rays
  • Visual enhancement – get your message across
  • Protects  plants and products 

Installing solar film gives a typical energy saving of 5-10%, reducing building energy costs and carbon emissions. Energy costs are still rising, the more they increase the greater the saving.

Shouldn’t you be considering this option?