Partition Graphics Ltd Compliance Certificates

SMAS Worksafe

The Health and Safety Management of Partition Graphics Ltd has been assessed against the SSiP Core Criteria and the company has been awarded SMAS Worksafe accreditation as a ‘Contractor’.

Certificate Expiry: 14/01/2025
Certificate Number: 147964

SMAS Worksafe Certificate

Citation Approved Health & Safety Management Systems

To assist in achieving compliance with their Health & Safety obligations, Citation Ltd has been appointed to act as advisors by Partition Graphics Ltd. Citation Ltd has carried out  an inspection of the premises and installed a Health & Safety Management System which will enable the organisation to promote and manage a safe working environment.

Certificate Expiry: 13/07/2021
Certificate Number: ATLCC-0000017516

Citation Approved Health & Safety Management Systems Certificate

Citation Approved Employment Systems

Citation Ltd hereby declares that it has examined all the policies and procedures designed to promote good employee relations at Partition Graphics Ltd, and that these and all associated terms and conditions of employment comply with current legislation 

Certificate Expiry: 13/07/2021
Certificate Number: ATLCC-0000015324

Citation Approved Employment Systems