Glass Manifestation

Legally, all patio doors or glazed doors and screens, have to be clearly marked with some kind of manifestation.  This can take the shape of a design, logo or strip which unmistakably defines the glass so that you won’t walk into it.

We can provide bespoke and tailor-made designs to suit your company or personal requirements.  It is vital that you protect your visitors, clients or customers if you have solid glass doors or panels in your office. Don’t get caught out by forgetting or neglecting this important requirement.

There are certain requirements that go with the specs needed for the design and it needs to meet those, legally. The manifestation must be on 2 levels, one at between 800 millimetres and 1000 millimetres and another at 1400 millimetres to 1600 millimetres. This is because people vary in size and there has to be options to accommodate everyone.

Regulations you must follow and how we can help

  1. We can make your office people friendly with personalised designs
  2. We will offer a reliable and quick service with fast turnaround
  3. We can use sandblast, colour, strips or other methods of your choice
  4. We give you a clean installation that complies with all UK regulations