Manifestation Graphics

At Partition Graphics we have 21 years’ experience designing stylish window graphics for a wide range of business clients of all sizes. Manifestation graphics are a stylish and cost effective means of displaying your brand identity on any glass surface. Developed as a simple window film to be a cheap alternative to frosted glass, Manifestation has become an exciting and infinitely flexible design medium.

We love manifestation for the way it can transform the most humble window or partition into a vibrant statement. Manifestation graphics cost next to nothing to produce and are highly durable. The range of designs is limited only by your imagination.

Innovation without limits

We have had the pleasure of designing innovative manifestation graphic designs for major clients such as the London School of Economics, Cisco, Nokia and the BBC’s popular ‘DIY SOS ‘program – and we can work similar magic for your business.

Manifestation is an ideal medium for logo branding within office buildings, car window stickers or window advertisements. In fact, any graphic concept you can think of can be designed and produced on manifestation film to grace a window near you.